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Lets Kick This Off Then.....

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by eemsplays, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. eemsplays

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    May 2, 2016
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    =={ MineBuilds }==

    Name: Ryan Douma
    Ingame Name: MineBuilds
    Birth: 04-26-2000
    Country: The Netherlands

    About myself:
    Well, I'm Ryan. I am 17 years old and currently live in Holland in a house with my parent, my girlfriend & two cats.
    I study in Groningen on the Noorderpoort Kust & Multimedia (Art & Design) school.
    What that means is is that I will be able to make: Logo's, (After)Movies, Music Video's etc.
    Also I like to go swimming since thats my weekly excercise for 6-7 years.

    What are you doing here on Emporior.
    Emporior is one of the first few servers I started playing when I still had Cracked Minecraft. Since that day I made a lot of new friends on the server and thats one of the main reasons that I keep playing on this server. Another reason is is that I am currently part of the Emporior Build team.

    How to get in contact with me.
    You will see me a lot at the Emporior teamspeak. Feel free to ask me anything. As long as it doesn't go to far.

    Well, Thats it for now.
    Greetings. MineBuilds Aka eemsplays.
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  2. Springtrap 58573

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    Apr 30, 2017
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    Welcome back... (I guess)